Legacy Quilting

About Us

Jane Mitchell

Jane was taught to sew by her grandmother Zoe when Jane was 6 years old and Jane has been involved in needle arts and crafts since. Jane made her own clothes and once teamed with another skilled seamstress to produce custom apparel. Jane's family also has a long history of needlecrafts. Her Aunt Libby taught quilting in a New Hampshire shop for many years before moving back to her roots in Indiana. In 2002 Jane opted to start a full time quilting service, Legacy Quilting, to pursue her passion for the craft and to remove herself from the stress of professional practice as a psychological therapist. She purchased a Statler Stitcher, remodeled the basement and set up shop in the home.

Todd Brown

Todd started drawing quilting patterns to help Jane with Legacy Quilting and became attracted to the simplistic beauty and history of ancient Japanese sashiko quilting patterns. Having many years experience using CAD software as a mechanical designer, producing drawings of quilting patterns was readily accomplished. He soon realized that other Statler Stitcher owners might buy the patterns he produced as well as patterns of other pattern designers. He recruited some designers, digitized their patterns and sashiko patterns and produced a catalog to distribute to Statler Stitcher owners.