Palmetto Double Center Flowers (No. 2669)

Pattern information

USD $15.00 for a single pattern

This pattern is available in these sets:

Palmetto 7 patterns USD $62.00


This pattern has many no-sew jumps All patterns in the Palmetto set are sized for a 59' x 59' quilt The pattern set does not come with instructions for assembling the designs. Creative Studio, Art & Stitch and Intelliquilter users are able to assemble the patterns for the whole quilt before starting to stitch.

A-1 Quilting Machines
ABM Innova (pat, dxf)
APQS Quilt Path (hqf, qli, txt)
Autocad (dxf)
Babylock (qli)
CompuQuilter (cqp)
HandiQuilter (hqf, qli)
IntelliQuilter (iqp, dxf)
PC Quilter (txt)
QBOT (plt)
Quilt Magician (qli)
SideSaddle (ssd, cqp, qli)
Statler Stitcher (qli)

Patterns are available for immediate download after payment is completed.

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