Dorothy 2nd Corner (No. 1143B)

Pattern information

USD $12.50 for a single pattern

This pattern is available in these sets:

Dorothy 3 patterns USD $15.00


Corner height = 1.08 times border height This pattern completes the border row and turns the 2nd and 4th corners Included with 1143A

A-1 Quilting Machines
ABM Innova (pat, dxf)
APQS Quilt Path (hqf, qli, txt)
Autocad (dxf)
Babylock (qli)
CompuQuilter (cqp)
HandiQuilter (hqf, qli)
IntelliQuilter (iqp, dxf)
PC Quilter (txt)
QBOT (plt)
Quilt Magician (qli)
SideSaddle (ssd, cqp, qli)
Statler Stitcher (qli)

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