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Price USD $35.00
Number of Patterns 5

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A-1 Quilting Machines
ABM Innova (pat)
Autocad (dxf)
Babylock (qli)
Bernina (sew, bqm)
HandiQuilter (hqf, qli)
IntelliQuilter (iqp)
PC Quilter (txt)
QBOT (plt, qli)
Quilt EZ (qcc)
Quilt Magician (qli)
SideSaddle (ssd, cqp)
Statler Stitcher (qli)

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Patterns in this set

COVID 19 motif (7764)

USD $5.00

COVID border or E2E (7765)

USD $12.50

COVID pantograph (7766)

USD $15.00

COVID square block (7767)

USD $12.50

COVID triangle block (7768)

USD $10.00